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It starts with a drop

Our first official TEDx licenced event

May 20, 7-9 PM

ripples final.jpg

About the Event

Welcome to the second ever TEDx Holy Trinity School event, taking place on May 20th from 7-9 PM. The theme will be centring around the concept of “Ripples”. As we currently undergo one of the most unprecedented times in human history, it is crucial for us to explore the significance of impact and changes happening around our current society today. We want to take this opportunity to provide our speakers with a platform for them to share their ideas and thoughts with the audience.

In this event, you will have the opportunity to hear from our 8 amazing speakers from all around the school, including club members, students, and teachers. From topics like racial justice, education, to ideas like perfectionism and public speaking, this event is truly an opportunity for everyone to learn as there will be a topic for everyone. We cannot wait to see everyone there!


Speakers who spoke at the TEDxHolyTrinitySchool 2021 Event:

Riyana K

Max H

Mrs. Butler

Joseph S

Ryan K

Esha D

Nikhil T

Daniel K

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