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TEDEd HTS is a public speaking-focused club that meets once a week with its members. In these meetings, we build communication skills through activities and discussions. We will also work on individual speeches that will be delivered to an audience through TEDx and other school-affiliated events. By participating in this club, students will improve their public speaking and benefit when they are held with tasks such as presentations or debates. 

If public speaking is not for you, TEDEd also offers future opportunities to help with event planning. TEDxHolyTrinitySchool serves as a platform for HTS speakers to reach a greater audience. So far, TEDEd HTS has held four events (take a look at the EVENTS tab!) and is planning to host two more in the upcoming year - Discovery and Authenticity. 

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Discovering your inner voice


A chance for you to be your authentic selves


Harmonizing the members of the HTS community 



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